Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Three more hats for the shipping projects + socks

I have been knitting hats. Bonnie gave me the pattern. I got some colorful yarns from JoAnn on sales. I took the yarn during the trip to the conference and finished two and tonight I waved the bindoff and there are total five now! I hope whoever got them will like them.

I finished the crazy strip sock tonight which I started last Tuesday. It's sort of quick since I do them during the commute and waiting at the airport. Very simple and I am going to give it to a co-worker who loan me a trap for the cat few weeks ago

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lily called this morning. She feels better since we talked and even looking for jobs. She said she just want to find a easy job like Bank Teller and has less to carry home. She said she really need the money since all their house and cars are paid off. I invite her to come visit since she has time now. It's always a nice chat with her. My cell phone has this message "invalid Battery" and it is going to be outage soon.

Mom and I went to Sam Club and get some paper towels and we went to get breads. When we got home, her friend Mrs. Leung came to visit her and they have a good time. I am knitting my crazy strips sock. This will be more October sock.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Home sweet home.

Mom bought the Orchid, it's so prettey

These are two hat I made during the conference. It was a easy pattern. I am going to give them to the shipping projects. I got three more from last week and I will include them also
Friday is the last day of the conference. Fewer people. Stephaine and I chetted. Terry and Claudette also in the last section with me. It's a very good section and I am sure it will be room full if it was in earlyof the week. Larry and Li picked me at 6:20pm from the Oakland Airport with Bear.....my favoriate doggie. They took me to a new Korean House to eat. My favoriate Tofu Soup along with many small dishes. Li still not feeling well so she took most of her rice home along with white rice for Bear. I didn't bring much goodie home, so I gave 3 t-shirt to Larry and he is always like them. I still have two more to keep. Mom did lots of clean up this week. She brought a lovely Orchid in my room. She cleans up the neighbor's backyard too. It's lot of works for her.

Our cat hasn't been home according to Mom, but I found a towel on my bed which must be for Mongo!! I am finishing my socks which started Tuesday night and I am on the process on turn the heels.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hello from Anaheim, CA....Disney Land

This week, I am in Anaheim, Disney Land!! Mickey Mouse. Mini Mouse. Well, I am at the IBM IOD conference. Ah, it's not really good catch name with IOD!! There's lots of food, morning full breakfast, lunches and dinner; then there's snacks with cookies and cakes. The EXPO also fill with goodies like t-shirts, pens.... I got my eyes on the CA's DB2V7 reference which I have been using since v3. Today is my 20 years after my first Laid off from Chemical Bank. It seems like just yesterday as my ex-collages, Stephaine, put it that I turn out so much better. Then the last year's laid off from Schwab was another stage of changes. I got three months off and money to spare. It definited a great things for me. Life is full of changes. I gave myself a toss to the 21 years in IT.

On the knitting projects, I got two hat done since Saturday. I could do more if I bought more yarn for me and I started another pair of Crazy Strip socks and I probably need few more days to finish.

I forgot to bring the USB download cord for the camera, so I will post pictures later....... Got to pack for tomorrow. The bed is nice at Sheraton but I like my own bed, can't wait to be home sweet home.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Terracotta Warriors....great performance

This afternoon, I went to see Terracotta Warriors with Judy and her sister, linda. We have a big dim sum lunch and walked to the Theatre in 18 minutes. It is a fast walks for 12 blocks and talked about greate exercise. I took the to my condo before picking up my car. Linda likes to see the place, we stayed about 5 minutes. It's an empty place so not much to show. I saw two door down, there's a nice dinette near the window. The show is exciting and increditable performance with song and dance and many. Here's couple picture from the cast and they are so nice to post for us.
Judy also bought another DVD call "Heartbeat" which is also another coming musical soon come to the our area. I saw an interview on PBS which describe how amazing of there special dance and training.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

9/30/2006, Think Pink Day... Sewing 4 Quilt Blocks

I went to the Think Pink Day at the Thimble Creek yesterday. I carried my sewing machine, few quilting tools and got there early. Not that many people and one lady finish one block and left in hours. I left around 1pm and got 4 blocks done. I feel great and I even altered my last lock Shoofly by adding a 3" minitures in the middle block. Sally Collins stopped and we got saw her beautiful Pineapple minitures quilt. She is my idol and her quilts are awesome and I collect all her books and few blocks. I should finish them someday. Here's a gift I got from the Thimble Creek, it is a beautiful bracelet and a very nice surprise. I forgot to take pictures of my blocks but they a will be on the Web before December auctions.

I also found another piece of "Bracelet" from my stash. It's a row stitches counters. I got this from a ebay buyer whose mother was makng them. I am try to find a picture to practice using them.
I got a call from Lily Kwong, she had quite her jobs four months due to her illness of depression. She is always nice to keeping contact. I am going to send her a card to cheer her up. I invite her to come to visit and I told her she may like to stay in my condo since it's more convinent. The weekend come and got quickly. I took pictures on my phone and I have to figure out how to down load them to "gapper"