Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy and Healthy 2009........................

Hi. In another hour, 2009 is coming. Looking back, I wasn't blogging much but I have a very good 2008. Knitting still continous but in a smaller projects and lesser pieces. Some major changes in last couple months and much like the last 45 days!! After the IOD Conference in October, I resigned my old jobs which is so much a relief due to increasing workloads and various other unfavoriate condition.

Guess what, then I sproung my ankle the day before my last day!! So my week off was a resting week at home. It's very hard fall appearantly and couldn't walk for almost a week. I got a aircast and it helped a lot. I started my new job in a limping foot!! Luckly, it's light working and I managed to sit most of the time. My ankle is almost healed now, but still got smaller swallon and numbness feeling at time. My uncle and anut even mailed me couple bottles of chinese medicines from Cleveland, OH. How nice? Then, I also realized if I weight lesser, my ankle might recover faster with the lesser 30lbs on it. I still hold on the stair-reel when I "need" to walk down the stairs.

We started a new Christmas traditions that no gifts exchanges. It's so much easier especially with my bump ankles. I was way so behind on my Christmas Card, so it has to make it before the Chinese New Year Card, 1/26/2009, year of the OX.

My knitting group's Brenda gave us yarns and Maylene, my great knitting buddies, spinned lots of pretty yarns. I should have pictures tomorrow taken by tomorrow.

There's few things I like to accomplished/keep it up in 2009:
1. Established a healthy eating and exercise habbit.
2. Organized my yarn stock and sell all of them and gain my garage back!!
3. Furnish the Oakland condo. (paint, curtains, kitchenwares, simple funitures)
4. Completed the quilting blocks, sew 4 quilts.
5. Monitor and reblance my profolios once a month. First Saturday of the month.

Happy 2009

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little, little flower sock, so purple and pink

Yarn: SWTC "TOFUTSIES", 2/3 is used
Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40" two sock on one needle
Pattern: Little flower
Start: Augest 8 2008
Ended: Augest 29, 2008

Hello, I haven't been posting for many month. It's been crazy busy at work front. This's one of my KAL socks which have been keeping up monthly using for SAM4. I need to find the past few month's photo.
Labor day is coming and I got 4 days off with my comp days. It's been been hot day the couple weeks, I am not making any plans and keep indoor and stay cool.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lots of beautiful Felt Clogs

These are the Clogs that made by my sister. They are knitted with the New Zealand Wool. I felted all most of them for him. All the different color combination. Some small, some medum and some large.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Second Koigu Fingerless Mitten

Yarn: Koigu (Orange, pink, purle) 2/3 is used
Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40"
Pattern: Self
Start: Feb 3, 2008
Ended: Feb 5, 2008
This is my second pair of fingerless mitten. It's very fast and the color come out very nice. I gave that to my sister and she is wearing them already..... on to my sock knitting!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

koigu fingerless mitten

Yarn: Koigu (Aqua-Black-Green) 2/3 is used
Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40"
Pattern: Self
Start: Jan 38, 2008
Ended: Feb 2, 2008
This's my first mitten. I have few one skein of Koigu left from the sock yarn pile. It's relative easy. I adopt the amount stitches from various pattern. I like the outcome and I am onto the next pair. It take about 30g for one pair.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Year Sock - Jan 2008

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock #40
(Aqua-Brown-Purple Multi)
Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40"
Pattern: New Year Sock
Start: Jan 13, 2008
Ended: Jan 23, 2008
I took a spinning class couple weeks ago and we stop at a LYS in San Franciso, I bought this yarn since the color was so interesting. It's not an easy yarn to knit considering I am doing this with one needles, so I stopped for few days with all the tangles. By the time, I start the short row heel, the color were not match. This is my first short row heel and it's even more difficult with the darker color. I come back after couple days and got the heel done. I did cut off few yards out trying to match the color. I need to wash this and it will become softer like most knitter recommended. There's only 4 more days in this months, I got more sock to do!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snowflake sock, Tomten Jacket

Yarn: JoAnn's Sensations Rainbow Classic, Color: Berry
Amount: 1 Big Skein (75% used)
Needle: 5 mm/US Size 8; 32"
Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Tomten Jacket
Start Date: Dec 27, 2007
Ended: Dec 30, 2007
I am happy the Jacket outcome. I bought the book almost a year ago and made the surprise jackets and I told myself to banch on other projects from the book. I started this few days ago and it's an easy project. I frogged the original project of blanket and start the Tomten few days ago. I made it longer length on the body and add 12 more stitches at start so I don't have to add the button piece. It turns of well since the sewing pieces has been bulky with the thick yarn. It can be another 2 more inches longer. I just cast on another one, so modify the stitches a bit. I am looking for buttons now and it's going to the twins next week when I see them.

Yarn: Jawoll, 100g
Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40"
Pattern: Snowflake
Start: Dec 12, 2007
Ended: Dec 26, 2007

I started this pair of sock couple weeks ago, but it's slow due to the holidays. It's a very interesting yarn that come with 2 spool of nylon to enforce the heel stitches. I made a pair of ankle socks with another pattern but I couldn't figure how to use it. This pattern is very easy to do with 2 color of pattern. The snowflake yarn is from left over wool yarn and it got nice contrast color. I am very please with the combination.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Socks for another MSS3

Yarn: Koigu
Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40"
Pattern: Monkey By Cookie A
Start: Nov 15, 2007
Ended: Nov 18, 2007

I started this sock last week and finished is 3 days. It's my record finishing sock in less than 72 hours. This is for a stranded MMS pal. Hope it fit her and it's the color she likes. I really like this yarn which is smooth and knitted quickly. It has all the fall colors.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Monkey Swap Gift from Jane.... Thank you!!

Here're all the beautiful gifts from Jane from my Monkey Swap Pal. She is great and I can't say enough things. I am wearing her sock now!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back home from Las Vegas; Monkey Sock done!!

Yarn: Cherry Hill Sockittome Sock Yarn; Quarry Hill
Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40"
Pattern: Monkey By Cookie A
Start: Oct 8, 2007
Ended: Oct 18, 2007
I was in a week of IBM conference in Las Vegas and have a good time with old friends from NY. We have a concern that Donna Summer singing are great. It brought all the memories from the 70's and seems like it's yesterday. Life is innocence then!
It's been a week and I am trying to catch up all download photo, blog, knitting. I finished the Monkey Sock during the Conference by knitting here and there while waiting at the airport. I bought more yarn at Wooly Wooly Yarn Store which has quite a bit of sock yarns and other. The owner is very nice and she said there's only two yarn store left at LV. The trip to the store was an advanture and learn little more when riding on bus and seeing the local color. Here's my Monkey Sock and there are two pictures becasue the color theme are slightly different.

Friday, August 31, 2007

My Auguest Sock for SAM4

Pattern: Plain Knit
Stitches: 60 stitches
Yarn: Regia 2 x 50 g
Needles: US 0/2mm addi 40"
Start: 8/10/2007-8/31/2007

Pattern: Plain Knit
Stitches: 60 stitches
Yarn: Regia 2 x 50 g
Needles: US 0/2mm addi 40"
Start: 8/10/2007-8/31/2007

My August Socks. I finished the first one on the first week, but the second one took long time. Lost some momentum on sock. I have been busying with other sister's twins baby sitting. They are starting to smile and laugh alot. They like to be all hold all the time. I tried to tell some story to them but I only recall one song with 90% of the wording. I am working a double knit blanklet for them. It's a slow start, and today's over 100 degree and it feel stinky doing knitting without AC and blashing ceiling. I am doing some quilting recently and hope to have some picture soon.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monkey Sock Swap 3

Monkey Sock Swap #3 questions.

Do you consider yourself a beginning sock knitter, an intermediate, or have you been doing this so long you could probably knit a pair in your sleep?

I am an intermediate to advance. Most pattern I used is larger than my feet, and I adjust them as needed. I have been knitting socks more than 2 years.

The measurements:

Shoe Size: 5.5 or 6 depending of the brand

Foot circumference: 7-3/4"

Foot length: 6-3/4"

Yarn Preferences:What colors do you love? I like darker colors for socks, I tend to pick some purple with verigate yarns, but I love all colors.

Do you prefer solids or variegated? I like variegated more than solid. I tend to pick variegate color when I buy yarns. I only done 3 pair of solid, but I am happy to have anything that someone made for me!!

Do you prefer wool, cotton or acrylic yarn?
I can't wear wool well, and I usually pick either Bamboo or Cotton if I intend for myself.

What colors would you never wear? I like all color but I save the wild color to be look at.

What are your favorite brands of yarn? I have been knitting mostly OPAL, Regis...and I am happy to work with any sock yarn.

Are there any new brands you would like to try? Alpacca.

Do you have any allergies? No.

Will your knitting be exposed to smoke or animals? No.

Are you on Ravelry yet? No.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

June sock week #4

Pattern: Chevon variety pattern
64 stitches
Yarn: Regia 2x50g sock yarn
Needles: US 0/2mm Addi Turbos 40"
Start: 6/17/2007 -6/27/2007

June Sock Week #3

Pattern: Chevon Sock: Modified guess
Book: Sensatinal knitted Sock
66 stitches
Yarn: Regia Stretch sock yarn 2x50g
Needles: US 0/2mm Addi Turbos 40"
Start: 6/17/2007
End: 6/24/2007

June sock #2

Pattern: Plain 56 stitches
Yarn: Regia $ Fach Haltbar Stretch, 2x50g 70%Wool, 7% Polyester, 23 Polyamid
Needles: US 0/2mm Addi Turbos 40"
Start: 6/07/2007End: 6/15/2007

June Socks week #1

Pattern: Plain 72 stitches
Yarn: SOX 100g sock yarn
Needles: US 0/2mm Addi Turbos 40"
Start: 5/30/2007
End: 6/07/2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Monkey sock

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A. from Knitty
Yarn: Regia
Needle size 2mm/0 Addi 40"circular 2 sock on one needle
Started: 5/24/07; Ended: 5/30/07

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sock for a friends' 40 birthday

1.The blue on is a modified Jaywalker with cast on 64, 2mm Addi circular 2 sock on 1
Start 4/12; End: 4/27
2.The pink on is cast on 64 with 1.5mm circular addi needles.
Start 4/02; End: 4/12

Saturday, April 14, 2007

4 Baby Surprise Jackets for my Sister's new Twin

Some other than socks!! I got 4 BSJ done for my sister's twins, it's just in time when they go home on Monday. They started on 3/29 when I have a Spring Day Off from work. I start with the Wool Ease Yarn and then I make the arcylic ones just in case they can't stand wool and it's easy for washing. Overall, I am happy with the result. Time for buttons.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

March: Monkey sock

Friday is my day off from work, I start two knitting projects. It's so nice to have a day for myself and just knitting and quilting:
I got my March Monkey Sock done few days ago........ it's a easy pattern and I got the pattern from here Knitty's Winter pattern.

Yarn: soxx - WinterCast on 60 stitches 2 sock on 1cir needleStart 3/12/2007 End: 3/26/2007
Back to my knitting.. Chia

Monday, March 19, 2007

March socks....

It's been couple weeks, busy at work as usaul. I have been making sock. Sort of keep my mind off things. Below is the pictures. I bought a Toyota Knitting Machines and still reading the instructions. It's amazing how many stitches it could make. They still need to be set up and clean up..... It might need a "sponge bar". Lot of details and learning on what make that work. I got more picture here soon.
I will be busy getting stuff roll-out. Today, the weather is really nice. I took Mom to Korean Market. Orange is $3.99 for 10lbs and they are big and sweet. We also got 3x$.69 pineapple which are very sweet too! I took a short nap and now I am all awake and worry tomorrow's lots of work. I need to get some zzz....
Two pairs of socks done for the SAM3.
Pattern: Plain Knit with 2x2 ribs, cast on 64 stitches
Yarn: Super Soxx #568
Needle: Size 0 (2mm) Addi 40" One needle
Started: March 3, 2007;
Ended: March 9,2007
Pattern: Plain knit with 3x3 ribs, cast on 54 stitches
Yarn: Online 6ply #74 Crazy Strip Patterns.
Neele: Size 1 (2.5mm) Addi 40" One needle
Started: March 10, 2007
Ended: March 17, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feb 2007 sock, Chinese New Year

Feb 2007 sock:
Yarn: bought from Marietta, GA. couldn't find the label after wounding to the ball.
Needle: Size 0, 2mm 40" circular Addi
Cast on 64 stitches Top Down

It's been many weeks that I write. Lots of things happening. Almost got a ticket when I left the knitting group on Monday night. Walnut Creek police were very sharp and I got questioning about my break light was broken and I didn't have my regristration paper with me...... Then, few days later, a minor car accident on 1/16 and my left side of the car got dented and got yelled at by the other ladies. I took the picture and gave her my name and insurance. I just felt not quite right also and tthe estimate was over $2200. My ear still brothering me. The Chinese New Year, year of the pig, last week and we got vacation day off. Thanks for all the presidents. I got this sock done couple days but I couldn't find my download dongle to download the picture. I have not been keeping my regular matters, my bill pay got mass up, and not working well and got to pay lots of draft fees.

Here's my Feb, 2007 sock. It's a very simple sock and bigger than I usually knit. I am giving this to a friend in New York. It's cold there and hope she likes it. It's also cold here in the last few days. Rain the last few days and it even have thurder this afternoon in Oakland. We heard the loud thurder and all went to the window and it was all dark outside. Napa, rt 29, got close due to snow and area about 2500' has snow. The weather has been changed alot.

Last weekend 2/22-2/25 is Stitches West. Maylene and I went on Sunday, we bought few patterns, yarns. Got few freebies; tape measure, Cute key chains, pens....lots of business card. I saw the Knitting machine and I like to learn more, and I am going to the mksfba the coming weekend.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sock for Mom

I finished this pair early this month, but I didn't get a chance for picture. My Mom has been wearing them and washes few times. Few fuzz already shown. She never wore any of sock until the cold snap couple weeks ago. It's cold in California compare to her friends in Ohio which were in the 70's. I still have another 6 balls of 100g. Another 10 balls that with colors of grey strips. My sister started a pair weeks ago and she lost interest; I guess I am going to finish this for her.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of 2006, hello to 2007 in 3 hours.

Friday, Larry and Li took us for DimSum at Lengendry, but it's not a good food place and service is very bad. Li had to go to the front desk after waiting 30 minutes without DimSum Cart. I found the Tara Dumping smell funny stale tastes. I will skip this place for now. Larry and Li accompany me to JiffyLube when they saw the oil spat under my parking space. It's something oil gasgate pan, so Li made the appointmnet for me on Jan 9, 2007 with Chunk's auto shop in Benicia. I also went to Sams' to change a new battery which is less than $50.00. I came home and see my last one was replaced on 11/18/02, so it's time to be replaced. I was thinking to get a new car but it is not reasonable until all the yarn are out of the garage or live in the condo.
Mom's friend from Ohio, Van, visited us few days; we didn't take the Tour that we planned. It's full since it's last minutes. Her brother and SIL's family brought her here from Scarmento. It's about 79 minutes when I look up from the maps. She looks pale after surgery not long ago. She has sleeping problems and we went worry about the Air Mattress might not work for her, but it turn out she like the it. I was glad that I can take her few place in the Oakland and shop few stuffs for her.
I gave her the new Japaness Lunch Box, I have that for long time and it's great that she can make use of it. Mom have a good time and I forgot to take picture totally!! When we went back to my Condo, I went into Andy whom was showing him sales' unit 415 and 421. We also check them out, but I like my unit locations. I put these pictures I took when I first bought it and it's empty with view. I am going to have a Yarn diet and my own diet in check, I welcome a healthier 2007 with more exercise and health eating. Take walk during lunch hours and or work out at the Gym at the condo. My goal is lose 18 pounds this year which is 1.5 lbs/mo (4950 caloria).
I found this stash 2007 rules on the blogspot, here's mine:
  1. The Knit-From-Your-stash-a-Thon will start 1/1/2007 to 9/30/2007
  2. I will not buy any yarns with one exception that someone asks for specific knitted gifts especially for family.
  3. I am allow to receive gifts of yarn.
  4. Buying knitting tool needs for knitting/crochet project is OK.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Feather and Fan Sock

While I was doing some organize this afternoon. I found this pair of sock almost done, so I finish the last few rows and bind off and thread all the lose ends. The pattern does show well with crazy strips yarn. Wah La! I have been doing more fun fur scarves; I am adding a strand of black into it. It usually take couple hours to finish and it's a great bring-a-long projects during commute. I started a baby jacket from EZ's Knitter's Almanac for Feburary. It's not a easy pattern. I have trouble with SSK, K2T.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Chain Link Sock completed

Merry Christmas day, it's a croudy day but a nice day over all. We didn't see the sun come out til noon. It's quiet day when I drive off to Oakland ChinaTown. I checked on my Parking space and there's no car parked their like last weekend. Our favoriate cat, Mango, didn't come home tonight. He stopped by yesterday but he hardly come inside the home recently. Here's one of the picture he used to laid arond my sewing machine on the table when no on around. Mom found him staying with another family two blocks away. It's very interesting to see him changes. Mom suspect he was scare of the flea spary. He is a very friendly cat and like stranger and new people come around the house.

I finished my Chain link Sock today. I used one ball of Wool Ease (some off white for the CC and MC is spiced heather brownish color) Size 2 circular needle 32" on One needles. I started since Saturday and it is a easy pattern. I am happy to get this done shortly. It's a great accomplishment to me. I don't alway finish stuff fast like in couple days. I have been doing better lately when I choose simple project like hat, scarf and sock.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hot on the press......two more socks

I started the brown sock Friday Night and it's a plain Knit stitches cast on 44 stitches. I just finished last night. Hot on press!! The pink on I started last Sunday and the yarn got tangle very very badly. I spent over 3 hours trying to untangle that Sunday night. I took that to the knitting group Monday, Bonnie and Ellen tried to unwound that in vain. I have benn using the wool ease yarn for all my sock recently when I got them on sale at Joann at $1.77. It takes on skein for a small women size sock. I was going to cut them Tuesday night and decided I could just take out the circular needle to solve the problem. Wahla! it untangle the yarn and I continue you that and finished on Friday night. It's a pattern K one rows and K2, P1 row alternate both rows. I casted on 48rows and it fit me well.

wool ease socks, small and large socks

Both are Wool Ease Worst Weight Yarn. The left one is cast on 48 st and with Pattern of simpe one row K1,P1 stitches and K all the nex row. It's a easy pattern. It's a child size. The right one is Black color and plain K row of 56 stitches and it's a men size 10 shoes.

Felted Purse and Clog

My friend's gift, She knit and felt the clog and purse. It's such a beautiful set. The color is a medium blue althought you may see grey. I am so lucky to get a nice warm gift and especially graet for the cold night for my feet.

Fun Fur scarves: pink, yellow, lime, black

I did many scarves this month for co-worker gifts. I got these yarn when Beverly and Michael on sales with $2.00 skeins. They take 2 skeins and I usually add one similar color to add some weight and wear better. Here are the pictures: lime green, yellow, pink, black.
The off-white bead scarf was done many monthe ago when I try leaning knitting with Beads. The bead is transfer, and it didn't show well wih picture. I like the length and it show well with darker color clothing.