Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feb 2007 sock, Chinese New Year

Feb 2007 sock:
Yarn: bought from Marietta, GA. couldn't find the label after wounding to the ball.
Needle: Size 0, 2mm 40" circular Addi
Cast on 64 stitches Top Down

It's been many weeks that I write. Lots of things happening. Almost got a ticket when I left the knitting group on Monday night. Walnut Creek police were very sharp and I got questioning about my break light was broken and I didn't have my regristration paper with me...... Then, few days later, a minor car accident on 1/16 and my left side of the car got dented and got yelled at by the other ladies. I took the picture and gave her my name and insurance. I just felt not quite right also and tthe estimate was over $2200. My ear still brothering me. The Chinese New Year, year of the pig, last week and we got vacation day off. Thanks for all the presidents. I got this sock done couple days but I couldn't find my download dongle to download the picture. I have not been keeping my regular matters, my bill pay got mass up, and not working well and got to pay lots of draft fees.

Here's my Feb, 2007 sock. It's a very simple sock and bigger than I usually knit. I am giving this to a friend in New York. It's cold there and hope she likes it. It's also cold here in the last few days. Rain the last few days and it even have thurder this afternoon in Oakland. We heard the loud thurder and all went to the window and it was all dark outside. Napa, rt 29, got close due to snow and area about 2500' has snow. The weather has been changed alot.

Last weekend 2/22-2/25 is Stitches West. Maylene and I went on Sunday, we bought few patterns, yarns. Got few freebies; tape measure, Cute key chains, pens....lots of business card. I saw the Knitting machine and I like to learn more, and I am going to the mksfba the coming weekend.

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