Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy and Healthy 2009........................

Hi. In another hour, 2009 is coming. Looking back, I wasn't blogging much but I have a very good 2008. Knitting still continous but in a smaller projects and lesser pieces. Some major changes in last couple months and much like the last 45 days!! After the IOD Conference in October, I resigned my old jobs which is so much a relief due to increasing workloads and various other unfavoriate condition.

Guess what, then I sproung my ankle the day before my last day!! So my week off was a resting week at home. It's very hard fall appearantly and couldn't walk for almost a week. I got a aircast and it helped a lot. I started my new job in a limping foot!! Luckly, it's light working and I managed to sit most of the time. My ankle is almost healed now, but still got smaller swallon and numbness feeling at time. My uncle and anut even mailed me couple bottles of chinese medicines from Cleveland, OH. How nice? Then, I also realized if I weight lesser, my ankle might recover faster with the lesser 30lbs on it. I still hold on the stair-reel when I "need" to walk down the stairs.

We started a new Christmas traditions that no gifts exchanges. It's so much easier especially with my bump ankles. I was way so behind on my Christmas Card, so it has to make it before the Chinese New Year Card, 1/26/2009, year of the OX.

My knitting group's Brenda gave us yarns and Maylene, my great knitting buddies, spinned lots of pretty yarns. I should have pictures tomorrow taken by tomorrow.

There's few things I like to accomplished/keep it up in 2009:
1. Established a healthy eating and exercise habbit.
2. Organized my yarn stock and sell all of them and gain my garage back!!
3. Furnish the Oakland condo. (paint, curtains, kitchenwares, simple funitures)
4. Completed the quilting blocks, sew 4 quilts.
5. Monitor and reblance my profolios once a month. First Saturday of the month.

Happy 2009