Monday, December 25, 2006

Chain Link Sock completed

Merry Christmas day, it's a croudy day but a nice day over all. We didn't see the sun come out til noon. It's quiet day when I drive off to Oakland ChinaTown. I checked on my Parking space and there's no car parked their like last weekend. Our favoriate cat, Mango, didn't come home tonight. He stopped by yesterday but he hardly come inside the home recently. Here's one of the picture he used to laid arond my sewing machine on the table when no on around. Mom found him staying with another family two blocks away. It's very interesting to see him changes. Mom suspect he was scare of the flea spary. He is a very friendly cat and like stranger and new people come around the house.

I finished my Chain link Sock today. I used one ball of Wool Ease (some off white for the CC and MC is spiced heather brownish color) Size 2 circular needle 32" on One needles. I started since Saturday and it is a easy pattern. I am happy to get this done shortly. It's a great accomplishment to me. I don't alway finish stuff fast like in couple days. I have been doing better lately when I choose simple project like hat, scarf and sock.

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