Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of 2006, hello to 2007 in 3 hours.

Friday, Larry and Li took us for DimSum at Lengendry, but it's not a good food place and service is very bad. Li had to go to the front desk after waiting 30 minutes without DimSum Cart. I found the Tara Dumping smell funny stale tastes. I will skip this place for now. Larry and Li accompany me to JiffyLube when they saw the oil spat under my parking space. It's something oil gasgate pan, so Li made the appointmnet for me on Jan 9, 2007 with Chunk's auto shop in Benicia. I also went to Sams' to change a new battery which is less than $50.00. I came home and see my last one was replaced on 11/18/02, so it's time to be replaced. I was thinking to get a new car but it is not reasonable until all the yarn are out of the garage or live in the condo.
Mom's friend from Ohio, Van, visited us few days; we didn't take the Tour that we planned. It's full since it's last minutes. Her brother and SIL's family brought her here from Scarmento. It's about 79 minutes when I look up from the maps. She looks pale after surgery not long ago. She has sleeping problems and we went worry about the Air Mattress might not work for her, but it turn out she like the it. I was glad that I can take her few place in the Oakland and shop few stuffs for her.
I gave her the new Japaness Lunch Box, I have that for long time and it's great that she can make use of it. Mom have a good time and I forgot to take picture totally!! When we went back to my Condo, I went into Andy whom was showing him sales' unit 415 and 421. We also check them out, but I like my unit locations. I put these pictures I took when I first bought it and it's empty with view. I am going to have a Yarn diet and my own diet in check, I welcome a healthier 2007 with more exercise and health eating. Take walk during lunch hours and or work out at the Gym at the condo. My goal is lose 18 pounds this year which is 1.5 lbs/mo (4950 caloria).
I found this stash 2007 rules on the blogspot, here's mine:
  1. The Knit-From-Your-stash-a-Thon will start 1/1/2007 to 9/30/2007
  2. I will not buy any yarns with one exception that someone asks for specific knitted gifts especially for family.
  3. I am allow to receive gifts of yarn.
  4. Buying knitting tool needs for knitting/crochet project is OK.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Feather and Fan Sock

While I was doing some organize this afternoon. I found this pair of sock almost done, so I finish the last few rows and bind off and thread all the lose ends. The pattern does show well with crazy strips yarn. Wah La! I have been doing more fun fur scarves; I am adding a strand of black into it. It usually take couple hours to finish and it's a great bring-a-long projects during commute. I started a baby jacket from EZ's Knitter's Almanac for Feburary. It's not a easy pattern. I have trouble with SSK, K2T.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Chain Link Sock completed

Merry Christmas day, it's a croudy day but a nice day over all. We didn't see the sun come out til noon. It's quiet day when I drive off to Oakland ChinaTown. I checked on my Parking space and there's no car parked their like last weekend. Our favoriate cat, Mango, didn't come home tonight. He stopped by yesterday but he hardly come inside the home recently. Here's one of the picture he used to laid arond my sewing machine on the table when no on around. Mom found him staying with another family two blocks away. It's very interesting to see him changes. Mom suspect he was scare of the flea spary. He is a very friendly cat and like stranger and new people come around the house.

I finished my Chain link Sock today. I used one ball of Wool Ease (some off white for the CC and MC is spiced heather brownish color) Size 2 circular needle 32" on One needles. I started since Saturday and it is a easy pattern. I am happy to get this done shortly. It's a great accomplishment to me. I don't alway finish stuff fast like in couple days. I have been doing better lately when I choose simple project like hat, scarf and sock.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hot on the press......two more socks

I started the brown sock Friday Night and it's a plain Knit stitches cast on 44 stitches. I just finished last night. Hot on press!! The pink on I started last Sunday and the yarn got tangle very very badly. I spent over 3 hours trying to untangle that Sunday night. I took that to the knitting group Monday, Bonnie and Ellen tried to unwound that in vain. I have benn using the wool ease yarn for all my sock recently when I got them on sale at Joann at $1.77. It takes on skein for a small women size sock. I was going to cut them Tuesday night and decided I could just take out the circular needle to solve the problem. Wahla! it untangle the yarn and I continue you that and finished on Friday night. It's a pattern K one rows and K2, P1 row alternate both rows. I casted on 48rows and it fit me well.

wool ease socks, small and large socks

Both are Wool Ease Worst Weight Yarn. The left one is cast on 48 st and with Pattern of simpe one row K1,P1 stitches and K all the nex row. It's a easy pattern. It's a child size. The right one is Black color and plain K row of 56 stitches and it's a men size 10 shoes.

Felted Purse and Clog

My friend's gift, She knit and felt the clog and purse. It's such a beautiful set. The color is a medium blue althought you may see grey. I am so lucky to get a nice warm gift and especially graet for the cold night for my feet.

Fun Fur scarves: pink, yellow, lime, black

I did many scarves this month for co-worker gifts. I got these yarn when Beverly and Michael on sales with $2.00 skeins. They take 2 skeins and I usually add one similar color to add some weight and wear better. Here are the pictures: lime green, yellow, pink, black.
The off-white bead scarf was done many monthe ago when I try leaning knitting with Beads. The bead is transfer, and it didn't show well wih picture. I like the length and it show well with darker color clothing.

More hats and beret

These hats few weeks ago and ready for Ellen's collection for the needy family. All are relative easier patterns. Simply roll rims, mock cables, odessey. I can knit this in a day or two during the Bart rides and watching TV at night.

I got many left over yarns and I am going to do more. I like the mock cable and roll rims.

I use the IK's pattern for these berets. It's hard to take nice pictures when they all flap flat, but it looks very nices especially someone with long hairs.