Thursday, September 28, 2006

More stitch markers from Kelley.

I got more stitch markers from Kelley whom is my next town neighbor from Martinze. Her stitch markers are very unique and the use of charms of very precious also. Here's the picture. I like the color combination. Can't wait to use them.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Making Stitches Markers........lots of them

I just start making stitches markers last night for the Swap Group. This has the Autum Theme, I bought some leaves beans and some yellow, brown glass beans. I start last night and I was on the roll. I think I have more than enough for the Swap. I went out of split ring this morning and I have to go back to Michael for more. I still have quite few coupon for purchase. Here's two pictures for all the stitches Markers. They will soon to be out to my swappers.

Here's 2 set of Stitches Markers I got from the Swap. They are so unique and beautiful. The Autum theme has brought up the fall colors in every beads. Above picture is from Jessica I got today. This One picture is from Kay; each one made one different technique.... very uniuqe and I will put them in good used.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pumkin (18+ pounds). Rustic Arrow Sock done.

This afternoon, Mom harvests a hugh pumkin (18+pounds) from the Martinez Community Garden. We also got some tomato, basil. That makes great lunch with fresh vegetables. We also have few green bean for dinner. Mom made some stuff pepers, eggplants...nice dishes.

I finished my Mistery Sock yesterday. I used 2 skeins of Purple Woolease and it turns out they are different lots and it has different tone. The left on on the picture has a deeper purple. I have 45 gm left on each skein, so I am making another pair. Each Skein was 85gm and hope it is enough for 2 pairs. I enjoy making them. It's a CO of 48 stitches and the pattern is easy to remember with knits for all odd rows.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mistery Sock in progress....

My mistery sock (Rustic Arrow) is half done or at least the complicate part is over!!

I am working on the sweater and didn't have time for pictur today. I went to Monday night knitting group, few of us have a good time. I brought over my latest knitting book to the group; Lori took 2 and Bennie took the rest. They love baby knitting books.

Today is 911 five year mark. I always feel lucky that I have move to CA since 93. My thoughs go thru the image and how was there at the 93 bloming. Working down 68 floors and that was such a bad memories. After all these years, missing the WTC is very sad. It was the place I work and knew every store to shop, eat and got out the subway sense. When I went back in 2003, everythings has changes; no 7WTC which was another building with Salomon Brother's office building. I haven't been in touch with friends in NYC. I should call more often. Keep in touch more often. I miss lots of good time and all the year I spent there.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scale Skin Socks

Tonight, I finish my Scale Skin Socks. Size 0 46" circular one needle two sock with the yarn I got from Marietta, GA back in March. It's 45% Cooton 40% Superwash Wool, 15% Nylon. The pattern is easy to knit with on row pattern to remember.

This is also my Sock Per Month KAL. After this, I am going to work on my mistery sock KAL.