Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jaywalker sock and WIP

My first pair of Jaywalker sock. I couldn't get the color match. It took me a long time to match from the beginning 2 inches. Then, it looks like sort of opposite ended. I am giving them to my sister, she like wool socks.

This left one is another pair WIP, there're some error at the heel turn but I am not going to frog it because it's been 8 months I work on it. Hope it's done soon. They yarn is from Rosie bought from Germany's trip in spring. I don't think there's this pattern in USA.

More sock.....

I got a pair done yesterday. This was started back few months ago. It's a bit big when I casted on 64 stitches with Woolease, size 2 circular 2 needles with magic loop. I like the color and I probably will make another one. I am working. I got woke up with calls from work and I couldn't go back to sleep after two hours. I decided to read something. Anyway, here's the sock. I will get more picture tomorrow.

Wow! It's 11/30 and my sister's B'day alraedy!! This year fly by quickly. I need to drop off shipping to the USPS before work tomorrow morning....Really needs some ZZZ.................

Saturday, November 25, 2006

One more pair Arrow Sock, Quilter Quest Hop

I finished a pair Mistery Sock called Broken Arrow? One has lighten tone than the other, I made another pair of same sock and here's the second pair. I got that done few weeks ago and didn't have time to put here. I finished more hats and I didn't have chance to take pictures. It's not much new projects in the knitting sides.

I went to the Quilter Quest few on 11/10-11/11, I met a new quilter pal name Mary Jane who live at Lafeyette. She is getting information on the Tokyo Quilt Show in Jan 19-20, 2007. I think to go with her since she has been travel extensive in Japan in the last 20 years. I enjoy the Hop and buy few quilting fabrics, even bought couple knitting tool (Cable needle, couple baby knit patterns, Needles). I got call with PWA database problem, but I really couldn't help when I was not the Tour Bus. I went to Jemo at the New Piece at Berkery who was accompany his wife, another quilter, to get the stamp. Anyway, here's one the SAMPLE Quilter Quest Picture. Will post soon.